Conventional Housing
Section 8
How to Apply?
Home Ownership
Scattered Site Houses (Select Housing)
Site Locations:
Various Houses Throughout Florence
Florence, S.C. 29506
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Telephone: 843-669-4163
Site Fax: 843-679-2634

Note: Additional Requirements must be met
         in order to qualify for Select Housing

Additional Information:

Management Office:
Church Hill Office
1117-A June Lane
Florence, S.C. 29506
City or County:
Date Constructed:
Various Houses Throughout the City of Florence, S.C.
3 & 4 Bedrooms - Total: 158
Schools: Varies Depending on House Location

Select Housing Additional Requirements:

Effective October 1, 2009, all applicants for “Select Housing” will be required to not
only meet the basic requirements of eligibility but to meet additional requirements.
Those additional requirements are as follows:

• Applicant must have a full time job (30 hours or more per week) continuous employment for at least one (1) year unless he/she is classified as disabled under Social Security.

• Applicant must be willing to properly care for & maintain a lawn. This includes mowing grass, trimming shrubs, raking leaves, etc.

• If the Applicant loses employment after being placed in Select Housing, he/she normally has 90 days to find other employment before being transferred to a Standard Housing unit.
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